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Stucco is a popular choice for interior and exterior finishes for new or renovated construction projects. Besides being attractive it is a durable choice for inside or outside applications. The most popular and traditional Fiber reinforced, hard-coat stucco systems incorporate a 100% acrylic polymer exterior stucco wall finish to create a perfect combination of Impact and puncture resistance and colorful details. These hard covered stucco surfaces are beautifully enhanced with an array of colors and textures that make this an outstanding product to consider when planning for new or updated finishes.This system can be applied from 3/8-7/8 inch thickness.

Synthetic Stucco is a multi-layered finish that has been used since just after World War II.

With every day, the technology is moving forward and our company is moving forward with it. We update our certification on all systems annually. This is the key to providing the best quality and best system to all of our valued customers every day.

Our company has served the Hudson Valley for over 12 years and we are now extending our services to the larger NY, NJ and CT areas.

We are certified by the top Stucco manufacturers. We are proud to offer you our exceptional and professional services: